March 17, 2008

I apparently have over 10000 photos of myself and backups dating back to 2003 but in the end I manged to recover the back up of my paint shop pro program and happily edited a photo I took inworld of the lovely vintagy dress that Rosemary Galbraith of Rosemar sent me. 🙂

The dress has sculpted puff sleeves and a combination of flexie andsculpted prims skirt that gives it a more natural feel of movement along with the enhanced visual effect that sculpted prims provide.

This is a fun dress of a unique style.



Dress: Rosemar’s Ne’er Do Well Dress – Navy (RG)

Skin: Popfuzz-cupcakes skin in pale dark shadow

Glasses: twinz by primoptic

Prim lashes: Digital Darkes

Shoes: shiny things’s Classics – eggplant

Hair: Liv by Kin.


Withdrew syndroms

March 11, 2008

People often confuse real life with their second one, count linden dollars and prims… I might have the opposite problem… I keep reading euros instad of linden dollars o.0.

So when my friend tells me ” I sold three paintings today, earned 900L” I think to myself; oh wow 900 euros, that rents and many other things that she covered.

I got bored between testing my new inworld toys aka sculpie makers and took this snapshop here.


Roaming in my skybox studio/work space.


March 10, 2008

This would be dedicated to my SL fashion Bitching, self promotion and virgin secrafising.

In another words, I will express my pitty less personal opinion about Second life’s fashion industry, talk about my own project (interior design of all…)

I am located in a real life fashion capital and have been involved in the local alternative fashion industry as I am vertically challenged.